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Discussing gender diversity in the context of scientific research


Today – February 11th – is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Why did the United Nations establish this yearly event? How have women researchers been impacted differently by the COVID-19 pandemic? And did you know about the gender gap on Wikipedia, the internet’s most beloved source of encyclopedic information? In this video, BIRA-IASB science communicator Lucie Lamort and planetary scientist Arianna Piccialli (Diversity Officer for Europlanet Society Benelux Hub) have an open exchange about these topics. Feel free to join the discussion on our social media.

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Video : Discussing gender diversity in scientific research with Arianna Piccialli

Video discussion A.Piccialli

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BIRA-IASB scientist Arianna Piccialli giving a workshop to children on the "Dag van de Wetenschap 2019" at the Planetarium of Brussels.