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Impact of short-lived pollutants on air quality and climate | 2021-2022

It remains a challenge to measure tropospheric ozone from space. BIRA-IASB keeps investing its expertise in validation and data assimilation techniques to help solve this challenge.
Large industrial centers near Antwerp lead to high NO2 pollution in the region, observed by ground-based and space borne instruments.
BIRA-IASB investigated the influence of important 3D cloud effects on trace gas retrieval from space-borne instruments using a 3D radiative transfer model.
Tropospheric ozone and precursors (NOx, VOCS, CO and CH4) data collection and harmonisation for both satellites and ground-based networks, and assessments of the distribution and trends of these species.
Machine learning (ML) is an innovative approach to establish a nonlinear mapping between surface NO2 distributions and geo-physical predictors at high resolution and accuracy.
We have equipped the SpeedPedelec of BIRA-IASB with a NO2-measuring system composed of two complementary instruments.
Global monitoring of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere through the development of formaldehyde (HCHO) and glyoxal (CHOCHO) space observations.
Simultaneous measurement of the most important reactive nitrogen compounds in the atmosphere, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ammonia (NH3), which are at the root of a wide range of environmental problems.
Monitoring of several trace gases and aerosols over East Asia. Validation of operational L2 products development and retrieval of trace gases such as NO2, HCHO, CHOCHO, SO2 and O3.
Long-term satellite records of formaldehyde measured with the OMI sensor aboard the Aura payload reveal positive and negative trends over 133 studied Asian cities.
The LEGO-BEL-AQ system provides an air quality monitoring service tailored for the different legislative entities in Belgium, from federal and regional to municipal levels.
New algorithms for the high-resolution Sentinel-5P TROPOMI instrument which enables to determine the SO2 column and height with unprecedented level of details and sensitivity.